Achieve maximum cooling capacity while retaining energy efficiency with the TCL Window Type Air conditioner. Crafted with automatic switches and adjustable cooling features, the TCL air conditioner is a jack-of-all trade in user interaction. As a Remote Type Air Conditioner, it features maximum convenience with its variety of cooling options that can accommodate well to any temperature. With the respective horsepower of 11.0, 10.8, and 11.3, the cooling prowess of the TCL Air Con can effectively eliminate the heat and humidity of two to three rooms. As a window mounted type, it supports a space friendly environment for a complete interior advantage. Catering to your air friendly needs, the TCL Window Type Air conditioner innovates to make the cooling life on full spectrum.


0.80 HP
Energy Efficiency Ratio
Cooling Capacity
7,900 Kj/h
Power Input
701 W
Net Dimension (W x D x H)
470mm x 535mm x 355mm
Applicable Unloaded Area
10-15 sqm
PHP 12,995

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