Dare to live the Creative Life with the prowess of TCL’s Wall Mounted Split-Type Air Conditioner. The perfect combination of efficiency, style, and performance, the TCL Wall Mounted Split-Type Air Conditioner never fails to uphold TCL’s mission to deliver maximum customer satisfaction through product performance. Built with a fixed and powerful system, the non-inverter type is readily convenient to use with simple options to operate the cooling temperature. With a cooling capacity ranging from 9,495 Kj/h to 23,500 Kj/h, energy is sufficiently saved yet retaining a cool and comforting air flow. Built with horsepower that can cater a large function room, the TCL Air Conditioner gives cooling satisfaction without the downside of energy consumption; truly a powerhouse for the creative life.


2.0 HP
Energy Efficiency Ratio
Cooling Capacity
18,990 Kj/h
Power Input
1,742 W
Net Dimension (W x D x H)
(Indoor) 900mm x 202mm x 280mm
(Outdoor) 820mm x 300mm x 605mm
Applicable Unloaded Area
20-35 sqm
PHP 30,995

Hòa Minzy rủ rê Đại Nghĩa ăn mừng chiến thắng tại tuần 6 “Gương mặt thân quen”

Đêm thi thứ 6 của chương trình “Gương mặt thân quen” vừa khép lại, Hòa Minzy một lần nữa có màn bức phá ngoạn mục để trở thành thí sinh giành chiến...

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