Boost your Creative Life with the TCL automatic rice cooker! Packed with specs and features that make cooking rice easier and more convenient, the TCL automatic rice cooker makes for an excellent and necessary addition to your kitchen. With a rated power of 700W and a cooking capacity of 1.8 liters, the TCL automatic rice cooker is not just perfect for cooking for your whole family; it’s also energy-efficient. Updated with premium technology, the TCL automatic rice cooker has a micro pressure structure, detachable inner cover plate, multi-function choice and a flat heating plate. It even comes with complementary cooking accessories (scoop, steamer and measuring cup) to make your cooking experience hassle-free.

TCL mang không khí ‘Euro’ đến nhà Phan Ngọc Luân

hông khí Euro đã bắt đầu tràn ngập khắp thế giới. Các tín đồ bóng đá tại Việt Nam cũng đang háo hức chờ đợi những trận cầu kinh điển trực tuyến trên...

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